Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30, 2007

Robber of the Cruel Streets: the Prayerful Life of George Muller

DVD HV247 .M8 R6 2006

Visual Faith: Art, Theology and Worship in Dialogue. William A. Dryness. Baker Academic, c2001

BR115 .A8 D97 2001

Mentoring: The Ministry of Spiritual Kinship. Edward C. Sellner. Cowley Publications, c2002

BV5053 .S45 2002

Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues: Exploring the Spiritual Themes of The Lord of the Rings. Mark Eddy Smith. InterVarsity Press, c2002

PR6039 .032 L63718 2002

PR6039 .032 L6718 2002Sex and the Single Guy: Winning your Battle for Purity. Joseph Knakle. Moody Publishers, c2005

BV4647 .C5 K56 2005

Glad News! God Loves You My Muslim Friend. Samy Tanagho. Authentic Media, c2003

BV2625 .T36 2003

Friday, March 9, 2007

Feb & March, 2007

1. Ahab: the Construction of a King. Jerome T. Walsh. Liturgical Press, c2006
BS580 .A5 W35 2006
2. Cultural Psychology of Immigrants. Edited by Ramaswami Mahalingam. Lawrence Erlbaum Association, c2006
JV6225 .C852006
3. Christian Theologies of Scripture: a Comparative Introduction. Edited by Justin S. Holcomb. New York University Press, c2006
BS500 .C53 2006
4. Reading the Sermon on the Mount. Charles H. Talbert. Baker Academic, c2006
BT380.3 .T35 2006
5. Rethinking Christ and Culture: a Post-Christendom Perspective. Craig A. Carter. Brazos Press, c2006
BR115 .C8 C335 2006
6. Repentance in Christian Theology. Editors: Mark J. Boda, Gordon T. Smith. Liturgical Press, c2006
BT800 .R47 2006
7. Risk Management Handbook for Churches and Schools. James F. Cobble, Jr. & Richard R. Hammar. Christian Ministry Resources, c2001
KF4865 .C633 2001
8. Africa Bible Commentary. Tokunboh Adeyemo, editor. Zondervan, c2006
BS491.3 .A47 2006
9. Writing Your Dissertation with Microsoft Word: a step by step guide. Vincent Kiernam. Mattilly Publishing, c2005
Z52.5 .M52 K53 2005
10. Witness of Faith?: Martyrdom in Christianity and Islam. Edited by Brian Wicker. Ashgate Publishing Limited, c2006
BL626.5 .W58 2006
11. Mark Twain and the Spiritual Crisis of his Age. Harold K. Bush Jr. University of Alabama Press, c2007
PS1342 .R4 B87 2007
12. The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy. Edited by Peter Adamson & Richard C. Taylor. Cambridge University Press, c2005
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13. Ethical Leadership for School Administrators & Teachers. Joseph P. Hester. McFarland & Co. Inc., Publishers, c2003
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