Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24, 2007

Motivating Students and Teachers: In an Era of Standards.
Richard Sagor. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, c.2003
LB1065 .S23 2003

How Much Does God Foreknow? A Comprehensive Biblical Study.
Steven C. Roy. IVP Academic, c.2006
BT131 .R69 2006

Friend Raising.
Betty Barnett. YWAM Publishing, c.1991
BV2081 .B37 2003

God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis.
Philip Jenkins. Oxford, c.2007
BR735 .J46 2007

The Dominance of Evangelicalism: The age of Spurgeon and Moody.
David W. Bebbington. InterVarsity Press, c.2005
BR1640 .B44 H3 2005

The Expansion of Evangelicalism. The age of Wilberfore, More, Chalmers and Finney.
John Wolffe. InterVarsity Press, c.2007
BR1640 .W65 H2 2007

The Rise of Evangelicalism. The age of Edwards, Whitefield and the Wesley's.
Mark A. Noll. InterVarsity Press, c.2003
BR1640 .N65 H1 2003

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